Back to France!

After several months abroad to learn Spanish and discover new horizons, I am back to France and open to new positions!

Tips – A few pointers on Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management is a pain. A lot of companies try to set-up frameworks, processes, and patches to try to keep knowledge loss at a minimum. However, they sometimes feel that they are spending a lot of resources doing that with no real results. Eventually, someone is leaving abruptly, taking numerous information with him… or a …

Let’s design a Project Management Wiki!

When I studied the PMP, I was often quite frustrated while reading the PMBOK or the slides given by my teacher. For exemple, if I read an article on the “Define Scope” process, and saw something about “Project Document Updates”, I had to search to another section(s) to find the full definition and that took …

Quick update!

I just finished my mission within Safran Landing System in Gloucester (UK), I am now back to France! My current mission is in Saint-Nazaire. It aims to set up the project management tools and processes, and train the work package leaders and PMOs to start efficiently their mission. The project itself is a 80M€ improvement …

Tool – Time Diagrams

Several time when you manage a project with lots of deliverables and priorities, you will have less critical activities that will get postponed again and again.